Payment Policy

All self-pay patients are required to pay in full at the time of service. Patients with co-pays must pay their co-pay at the time the service is rendered. Once we receive the Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company, you will be billed for any balance that you owe. This amount is due in 30 days.

Accounts that are repeatedly ignored will be referred either to a collection agency or an attorney and you will be financially responsible for your outstanding balance and all legal fees involved. Should this occur, you may be dismissed from the practice and asked to find a new physician.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds, you will be charged an additional $30 on top of the amount of the check. If you wish to suspend or terminate your treatment, any fees including reasonable fees as allowed by public health law for copying of medical records will be immediately due and payable.

Financial Information

Live Oak Family Health PA has patient account representatives who are available to assist you with the financial aspects of your care. If you do not find the answer to your question in this section, please contact a representative:


Many insurance plans require pre-approval for specialty care. Without specific approval, insurance carriers may not cover charges incurred for the unapproved visit. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain pre-approval from their insurance carrier. Certain insurance carriers may also require a specific referral from the patient’s primary care physician.

Preferred Providers

Our billing representatives are happy to help patients determine if Live Oak Family Health PA are participating providers in their insurance plan. Please call us at 830-372-6500 for assistance.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Auto Insurance

All patients are personally and financially responsible for their medical care regardless of the nature of the injury or potential third party involvement. Patients often believe that the other party will pay their medical bills as the accident was “their fault”. Because of the individual nature and complexity of these cases, we will not accept a letter of protection from an attorney, and it is not possible for us to get involved in collecting from a third party. Live Oak Family Health PA policy is to collect the prompt pay rate for a vist for auto accidents for most insurance types. Live Oak Family Health PA will submit claims to your auto insurance carrier and then refund the prompt pay amount after the insurance company pays. You will be responsible for portions of your bill not paid by your insurance company. To expedite this procedure, you must provide us with the insurance company’s name and address, adjuster’s name, phone number, date of injury and your MVA claim number at the time of your appointment.


A co-payment is an amount established by individual insurance plans and is usually specified on the insurance card. Co-pays are a required part of your contract with your insurance carrier and increase the cost of billing unnecessarily if not paid at the time of service. It is required that this amount be paid at the time of service.

Personal Balances

Any portion of your bill that is not covered by your insurance carrier becomes your personal responsibility. Live Oak Family Health PA will bill individuals on a monthly basis and personal balances are due upon receipt of the statement. Payment terms may be arranged through the Business Office.

Fee for Service

Live Oak Family Health PA has established a prompt pay rate for persons who wish to pay in full for their visit on the same day of service. Beneficiaries of government insurance plans are excluded from the prompt pay option due to federal law.

Release of Information Authorization

A Release of Information Authorization is included in your registration materials. This form authorizes Live Oak Family Health PA to release information to your insurance provider as well as any health care provider involved with your current treatment. A new Release of Information Authorization should be completed any time your coverage changes and yearly thereafter to assure that your claims will be promptly filed and paid.